Re-cycled Ideas For The New Year With Re-cycled Vegetable Water for Extra Nutrients

Are you hopeful of a bountiful yield from your kitchen garden this year? You can save water while at it with the tried and tested technique of re-cycling or r-using cooking vegetable water for your garden plants.

Most of the micronutrients found in foods are released into the water during the boiling process. Boiled eggs leave calcium in the water, while spinach is a good source of potassium and iron. After harvesting this water, it is important to let it cool off before feeding the plants. Re-using water in this way gives your plants the much needed nutrients which go a long way into ensuring steady growth and a flourishing garden.


Using this water, particularly that from boiled starchy foods such as pasta promotes a sustainable natural release and storage of nutrients in the soil. Boiled potatoes are another starchy food that injects a wealth of nutrients into the soil when the water is re-used for watering garden vegetables and herbs. This means that you will not require fertilizing your soil as often. In addition, it improves the moisture retention capacity of the soil, saving you time and water in the long run.

re-using water from boiled vegetablesAs with any other project, moderation is always key. In addition, it is important to remember not to add salt to the water as you boil or steam the vegetables. Salt affects the rate at which the plants absorb water which may cause stunted growth. Moreover, build up may cause toxicity and eventual death of the plants.

Definitely a product of ingenuity, re-using water from boiled vegetables is an excellent way to save money on fertilizers and the time and space for making a compost pile. It avails soluble nutrients directly to the plants for the healthy growth of your garden plants.

It is an idea that has become popular in the recent years. Try something new this year and get the very best out of your garden if it has not caught on around you.

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